Oct 312011

Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. Wikipedia

Today is Halloween and other than bonfires, which I have yet to see anyone do, there just is nothing to Halloween that connects with me. I know my history enough to appreciate Martin Luther King, Presidents, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Columbus, and Veterans Days. I’ve learned the basics of American football rules to enjoy Superbowl. I make extra room in my stomach for Thanksgiving. The eve of the All Saints, or Hallows, Day, however leaves me indifferent.

Maybe I just need to Be Central European for Halloween. But my acculturation still has a ways to go as I say, “Halloween, it’s not you, it’s me, and I’m just not that into you.”

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  1. Yeah, you’re right to be indifferent. It’s a bit of a lame duck holiday where no one really knows or cares about the origins. It’s just become a fun thing for kids and a ridiculous thing for adults to dress up and be the princess/knight/superman/whatever they can’t be for the rest of the year. The ghoulish aspects are a turn off for many including myself. I say ignore it ;)

    PS: I found you through your comment on my wife’s blog Czechmatediary; great comment!

    • @keith andrew: Halloween sure is a great party night, that’s probably its best aspect. Though I’m usually the party pooper because I decline to show up, on account of hating to dress up. There’s a photo of me at a kindergarten carnival where I’m dressed as a miner and looking positively uncomfortable.

      Hey, funny you should be commenting here, I was just listening to your band, which I found through your (or, rather, keef’s) comment on Czechmatediary.

      You two are married, didn’t realize that at the time. Just to close the loop, may I recommend my wife’s blog Blue Palate (she’s from Sonoma County, by the way, her grandma lived in Carlsbad). Now we’re all blogquainted.

      Let me know when the Tall Ships sail through Portland, we’ll come check you out.

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