Jun 212012

For one more day you can support the effort of Portland’s and Poland’s own Ashia Grzesik to raise money for the recording of her debut album with Ashia & The Bison Rouge.

The project’s “meat and potatoes” in Ashia’s own words (edited for length/clarity by American Robotnik; details are at Kickstarter):

As a child of Polish immigrants growing up on the West Coast of the United States, I was raised in two cultures, and my music and art is an extension of that upbringing.

This will be an album of music inspired by Eastern-European folk music, indie folk/rock scene of Portland, and love for ancestry and the environment, as well as classical sounds. Pop and rock will also take its place in the album, with inspiration from retro 1960’s music.

Even though most of the album is in Polish and English, I hope that this music isn’t seen as just Polish-American, but part of the greater issues of globalization, immigration, and trying to find one’s own culture while moving from place to place, from country to country. Ancestry and care of the Earth, the environment are themes I see and hear while traveling this world of ours.

Also, I hope and intend for this album will be an ever growing extension of a growing return to classical music and sounds, such as the cello being used in a non-traditional/classical setting. All the songs on this album were written on the cello, and then other instruments were added, to fill out the arrangements.

The album artwork will be done by my favorite middle sister Ania Grzesik. The album will come with an illustrated lyrics book.

I’ll be recording the album in Portland, Oregon, and Poland. My band mates, Todd Bayles and Patti King from Portland will be going with me to the studio, and Olga Kwiatow and Jacek Krzaklewski will join us in Poland.

Thank you from the bottom of my Bison Heart for supporting! Dziekuje bardzo!!!

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