May 212013

American Robotnik has been going strong since October 2011, early ups and recent downs notwithstanding. It has been both helpful and inspirational:

The time has come for another adventure. I am joining the love of my life Lindsay on a yearlong trip around the world (we’re leaving on June 17). We will be documenting our journey at Where Is Your Toothbrush?While the trip is a culmination of a dream, it also means American Robotnik will take a break. Aside from the scheduled immigration experience-related quotes there will be no (or very rare) posts here for at least 12-14 months. I look forward to sharing my life as an American immigrant when I return stateside in the summer of 2014. 

Thank you for reading American Robotnik. Now please head over to Where Is Your Toothbrush?.


Peter Korchnak, American Robotnik

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