Jan 092012
The Lure and Magic of Junk Stores

On a recent road trip to Northern California, I made a point of revisiting the Guerneville junk store. Tucked in the western edge of the Safeway parking lot in downtown Guerneville, the junk store, like many other junk stores, casts a strange magic on me whenever I visit it, which is on every trip down there. A junk store is like a lure: it pulls you inside but it hurts as well. As always, I forgot to check the name on the storefront. Thinking back, there may not even be […] Continue reading >

Nov 252011
Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day Smackdown

If you’ve lived in the U.S. for at least a single Thanksgiving, you know about Black Friday. Retailers open super early to launch the holiday shopping season with ridiculous deals, and shoppers respond by raiding the stores. It’s called “black” because it’s hell out there and because it marks the retailers starting to run a profit on the year (or be “in the black”). A lot of people have strong feelings about Black Friday.  In the Black Corner… Representing the Pro Black Friday side this year is the man who […] Continue reading >