Aug 052014

The world trip adventure is over (if you followed along on the travel blog Where Is Your Toothbrush?, thank you, and if not, please visit). I am back in Portland, Oregon, and with me, American Robotnik. You may have seen a reading list and a quote I posted last month, shortly after my return. That’s all just a warm-up. I am very excited about embarking on this next iteration of American Robotnik. As of August 2014, I will continue exploring the grand immigration experience, researching the issue and reporting […] Continue reading >

May 212013
American Robotnik Going on Travel Hiatus

American Robotnik has been going strong since October 2011, early ups and recent downs notwithstanding. It has been both helpful and inspirational: It has helped process and grow from my immigration experience. It solidified my decision to make writing the focus of my work. It triggered the epiphany that led to my writing and publishing (on demand) of my book,¬†Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook. The time has come for another adventure. I am joining the love of my life Lindsay on a yearlong trip around the world […] Continue reading >