Apr 052012
I Dream of Places Far From Here

“Immigrant” by Nitin Sawhney, from the 1999 album Beyond Skin You burn my flame within your hands You know when my destiny falls This time has insecurity I feel, makes me restless inside Will you take me there To a distant place I’ve never been before I could leave this world I could follow you like oceans to the shore You could take me there Make the rivers of my mind flow to my dreams You hold your secrets from my eyes You see where the furthest rain falls The […] Continue reading >

Jan 162012
The Edges of Old New Year With Chervona

In a happy coincidence, Friday the 13th was also Orthodox New Year’s Eve, and if the party Chervona threw at Dante’s is any indication, 2012 will be awesome. A few recollections from the night linger through the night’s haze. The Show Before the Show I call it Old New Year at Soup-n-Vodka Kitchen: a small pre-party with kapustnica, vodka, and cheap beer. The warm-up works so well I forget about the clock and don’t want to go anywhere. Still giggling at the detour sign a few blocks back that said "MORISON  BR  EAST  DETOUR", I […] Continue reading >

Dec 102011
Bottoms Up at Chervona's Xmas Song Video Shoot Set

I discovered the band Chervona by missing their street concert at the Polish Festival. I listened to their music online every time I postponed going to one of their bi-monthly shows around town. So I was going to be damned if I were to miss the video shoot for their Xmas song “Bottoms Up”. Advertised on Facebook with a call for talent, extras, and production help, the shoot took place last Thursday, December 8th, 2011, at Lents Commons, a Southeast Portland Coffee House. The “Russian genius painter Andrey Nedashkovskiy” created a beautiful, […] Continue reading >